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Eat and Build a Healthy Body

Hannari is one of the Kyoto dialects and means “elegant” or “bright and gorgeous”.

Heifer's are cows that haven't born a calf, they contain many ingredients that create a healthy body and leads to beauty. 

HannariBEEF is  an unique wagyu beef with "SILKY" smooth fat and delicious lean meat.

I am sure you will be quite surprised by this tasty drippings. 

From Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.

To gourmets around the world.

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3 charms

You will want to eat the dripping with bread,that is pleasant to taste and it melts in your mouth.

You will be surprised at the quality of the juices overflowing from the beef. Hannari Beef's suet is smooth, non-intrusive and full of flavor. Oleic acid, which is abundant in liquids of the female cows promotes health and carnitine, which is abundant in red meat it promotes beauty. Oleic acid is a component effective in preventing lifestyle related diseases without increasing any bad cholesterol. Carnitine is a type of amino acid that is necessary for burning fat. 

Rare heifer cows limited to Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan 

Female cows are harder to fatten than steers and are difficult to breed. So they are a rare type of beef with a smaller distribution volume. Heifer, young female cows are limited to Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan. They create a new value with a purely Japanese message. 

- Our original -

No other silky texture wagyu brand

With the theme of women's beauty and health in mind, we will develop a unique brand promotion that is not found in any other Wagyu brands. Hannari Beef is a unique Japanese beef brand with silky meat and suet. It overturns the conventional image of masculine Wagyu beef and it is delicious enough to excite any gourmets.


Secret of deliciousness

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​ Cows naturally

 without stress 

HannariBEEF's hometown is surrounded by the mountains of Tanba, Kyoto, and is blessed with clean underground water.

Did you know?

Cows moo because they are stressed. There is almost no mooing here, and you can see that there is little stress.

​Incorporating "BIOBALANCE" into the fodder and bedding leads to healthy and stable fattening of cows, and has a positive impact on people and the environment. By incorporating sustainable ranch management, They aim to produce delicious Japanese beef that will lead to the future.

Power consumption of cow bed agitation

Subdued ranch management

Create a sustainable production system and develop human resources for the future.

Stable feeding of cows reduces sickness.

By improving the odor of livestock barns and compost,Improving the workplace and neighborhood environment.


Ranch management

Ranch Virtual Tour



BIOBALANCE” is a lactic acid fermented feed (mixed feed) that contains a special strain of lactic acid bacteria (Anti-Muffa strain) that has antifungal activity that is unprecedented in the world.

​A characteristic of heifers is that they are difficult to fatten and stable fattening is difficult. They are focusing on the power of bio to improve the difficulty of raising them.

They prepare the living environment and internal environment​ to produce healthy and high-quality meat.



​Living environment

By using the power of bio to create a cattle floor with less germs, the intake of germs from breathing is reduced. If when a calf grows up with a healthy respiratory system, the respiratory system will be strong even when it becomes an adult cow, and disease will be reduced, and productivity will be stable.

​ It is easy to keep the cow bed temperature constant, creating an environment that is easy to spend all year round.




​365 days, the amount of fodder Control

They change the feed composition according to the stage of growth and take care so that the necessary nutrients can be taken in. They adjust the amount and contents according to the temperature of the day and stabilize it.

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​ Definition

Breed: Japanese Black Cattle

Fattening land: Tamba, Kyoto

Sex: Heifers only

Meat quality grade: BMS No.7 or higher

Yield grade: A/B

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